Who Are We ?
One word to describe us : Passion.

Do you know this feeling of getting caught up in a story, when your imagination makes you travel to a wonderful world created at the tip of an author’s pen?
When you realize you’ve become so invested that you can’t put that book down?
Do you feel like you know these characters as if they were a part of your inner circle?
As if you’re actually a part of this great adventure yourself?

Of course you do!

The beauty in this whole experience is how you can instantly connect with a stranger from across the world ! A bookfriend who has the same passion, for a book, for a character, for an alternative universe coming from a brilliant author’s mind … and how this very passion creates a community.

The Clover Crate is a new member of this community. It was founded by a team of book enthusiasts spread around the world, readers who love their shelves filled with books and goodies!

Our purpose is to introduce you to new reads as well as make you rediscover your favorite series in unique ways, while creating bookish merchandise related to your beloved novels and characters.
This project is brought to you by booklovers, is thought for booklovers, and we hope you will be part of the journey!